What You Should Know When Storing Food Items In Warehouses

Storing food items is one of the biggest challenges that a company faces. These products get spoilt within a few days and therefore need to be sent out of the warehouse to the relevant customers as soon as possible. There are also some very important pointers that should be known when storing food items in the warehouse.Read below for some tips and ideas.Storage capacity

The very first thing that you need to know is the storage capacity. You need to know how much of items can be stored in your facility at any given point in time. It is very important that you know this vital information to decide on the number of days of rotation that you can have before new stock comes in. You will also need to plan your ordering process according to the capacity of your warehouse. Especially when you are handling food items they need to be stored in the proper conditions as well if not they will go bad!

Storage conditions

The storage conditions will differ from warehouse to warehouse. As different food items need to be stored at different temperature levels in order to stay as fresh as possible. For instance, rice and dhal need to be stored in room temperature but food items like fresh fish or Poultry are best frozen. So you need to find out the temperature level that particular food item requires and then store the item. You may also need special packaging materials to maintain the freshness of the products. If you store a mix of items then you need to have the different storage conditions incorporated to store the different items.


Stacking the items is one of the biggest challenges that you are bound to face with storing the food items. Because unlike other items, you cannot stack them one on top of the other as not all are stackable. But most of the food items are like fruits are stacked into packaging supplies Melbourne and hence they can be easily handled. So always make sure that you store them in such a way that you can easily stack them one on top of the other.


Dispatching the products is another very important task that needs to be undertaken with much care. You need to ensure that you have a proper recording system in place when it comes to dispatching goods. Make sure that all the necessary details ate recorded for future reference. You also need to ensure that you dispatch the correct batch first. Since food items come with an expiry date, you should use a first come, first serve basis. Always keep in mind that when it comes to dispatching food items and storing them the employee handling it should have the right knowledge and experience only then will everything run smoothly!