Ways To Plan A Sudden Romantic Dinner At Home

If you just realized during dinner that your wedding anniversary is tomorrow, well you are in for some trouble. However, you still could do something special for your wife. Rather than running up to the jewelry store the following morning and buying a diamond ring, something more romantic and thoughtful can be a better option. A dinner date at home would be perfect. So here are some tips on organizing it in less than 24 hours.

Decide on your food

If you are a good cook, then you have a great advantage. Choose some easy appetizers and main course along with a simple dessert. You could have everything prepared beforehand and cook during the date so that you can serve while it’s hot. Also, cooking in front of her might add to her excitement while she could actually help a bit. The meals should not take much time to cook as you do not need to wait around about an hour till your food is ready. If you are not a great cook, you could order food from her favorite restaurant. However, to keep things special, you need to try at least preparing a dessert. Your beverages also play a grand part. Wine is the most common choice but you can also go for chilled juices or beer.

Decide the location

Your garden could be the best choice, however ensure that the weather is perfect and it is bug free. The last thing you need is catching dengue while the dinner. You could also use a rooftop, spacious balcony or simply the kitchen. The point is, making arrangements in a place that you do not have dinner usually. You can make any place special by putting up a few flower bouquets and vases around the place. You can contact your nearby florist Melbourne and order a few. More on the decoration, use candles, rose petals, fairy lights etc.

Do more than just the dinner

If you want to make her feel really special, then you have to do more than just the dinner. It is nothing too big. You could buy her a bouquet of roses in the morning on the way to work or simply get it delivered to her office along with a box of chocolates. There are vendors who do best florist in Fitzroy. If you do have time, you could buy her a dress for the dinner date in the evening. Also, send her loving texts and emails throughout the day so that she knows you are thinking of her.

Avoid all distractions

Dedicate your entire day to her. While the dinner, leave your mobile phone aside and focus on her completely. If you have kids, arrange for them to stay the night at their grandparents’ place. Pick out some light jazz music to enjoy a romantic dance.