Adding Elements Of The Beach To Your Home Decor

A beach is a much loved place for many of us, where we can relax, watch the waves, get a nice tan, unwind with a nice book and a cool drink or simply just lying down or getting into the water. If most of us are not privileged enough to stay by the beach or own a beach house, we can definitely ensure to recreate a bit of the feeling of being at the beach, back at home.

Beach decor might not imply that you need to have a sand room in the house, though it would not be a bad idea. Subtle elements can be added to the decor of the house to remind you of beaches and fun times.

Beach themed decor ideas for the house


Shells are synonymous with beaches and adding them to the decor goes perfectly with the theme. A great design tip is to buy hermit crab shells that are available online and then place them in a frame with a plain white background. To add a pop of colour, the margins of the frame can be in pastel shades of blue on an otherwise white backdrop.

You could also opt for oyster shells for sale to be used for the frames along with different types of shells. These frames could adorn the living room or even the dining area.

Colours of the beach

The colour that comes to mind is the blue shades of the sea that stand out against the white sand. So, for a sea or beach themed décor, try to keep the colour palette as neutral and veering towards stark white as far as possible. You could add a little colour in niches and certain areas to draw attention. The colour choice must preferably be turquoise or a similar shade of blue, reminding one about the sea, and it is appealing to the eye as well.


Another great beach themed decor tip is to have a few but prominent accessories that remind you of the sea and the coast. It could be large oars of a boat or a detailed model of a yacht. It could even be a single large starfish shell or blue lamps or tea lights. Even, a rug in sand colour or a jute rug can be added as long as it goes with rest of the decor.

To add elements of colour, the outdoor patio can be made to look like beach sit out with reclining chairs, colourful rugs to look like beach towels or clothes and a canopy umbrella to recreate the image.

There are a number of ideas that can be incorporated but it’s best to make subtle changes instead of going overboard.